Binta with Kids
Grandmothers in Circle with Elders
Grandmother Playing a Health Game
Grandmother Teaching at School
Grandmother with Twins
Madou with Elders
Proud Grandmother with Grandson
Three Grandmothers with Grandson


Grandmother Project builds on cultural values and assets

Cultural values are of great importance for all societies. GMP views culture as a resource in the development of community programs and builds on positive cultural values and roles to promote sustainable change in communities.

Grandmother Project builds on the knowledge and experience of grandmothers and elders

Elders are respected In all non-Western societies for their experience and the support and guidance they provide to younger generations. Grandmothers play a special role teaching and caring for children and women. GMP views grandmothers as an ignored resource and explicitly involves them as key actors in all development programs.

Grandmother Project strengthens communication between the generations

A growing gap between the generations in many cultures affects family and community well-being. GMP promotes dialogue between generations and between men and women in all community programs in order to strengthen mutual respect, understanding and social cohesion.

Grandmother Project uses communication methods based on dialogue to build consensus for change

GMP uses participatory adult education methods, based on dialogue and problem-solving, to build consensus on priority action to be taken by communities to promote their own well-being and to bring about sustained change in communities.