Organizational Capacity Building

GMP’s Organizational capacity building approach

In order to increase the number of communities in West Africa and ultimately in other parts of the non-western world which can benefit from GMP’s innovative approach, GMP’s strategy is to collaborate with other NGOs and institutions to mainstream its approach into their community programs.

Key components of GMP’s organizational capacity building approach are:

1. Participatory assessment with staff of other organizations to identify challenges they face in their community programs to determine the relevance of GMP’s Change through Culture  approach.

2. Orientation to and discussion of GMP principles, steps and methods for
implementing the Change through Culture approach with core staff of partner
organizations in order to determine the relevance of the approach to their

3. Designing a capacity-building and coaching scheme adapted to an organization’s program priorities and structure to help them to integrate some or all facets ofthe Change through Culture approach.

4. Development of various methodological tools for training and developing
community capacity of leaders and groups tailored to an organization’s
community programs.

5. Implementation of training and follow-up activities with community facilitators and volunteers.

6. Development of a methodology and tools for documentation, monitoring, evaluationand ongoing learning based on implementation of community programs.

7. Facilitation of a process of analysis and development of lessons learned based on implementation of community programs using a Change through Culture approach.