School and Communities

School and Communities

When communities feel that schools offer a program that is beneficial to their children, they are more likely to enroll their children in school and to let them continue studying rather than pulling them out of school and directing them to other tasks that can contribute to family livelihood.  Often, families question whether the school curriculum is relevant to their children. Often they regret that traditional values and knowledge are not taught in schools.

GMP aims to increase and expand educational opportunities for children, and especially for girls, by improving the quality of educational programs in pre-school, primary and secondary schools.  The objectives of GMP’s work are several:

  • to integrate positive cultural values and knowledge into school programs;
  • to strengthen relationships between teachers and community actors (parents and grand-parents);
  • to increase the involvement of family members in supporting children’s education both outside and inside the classroom; and
  • to increase children’s knowledge of positive cultural values and traditions and application of these in their daily lives.

To accomplish these objectives GMP:

  • develops learning materials for schools that build on positive cultural values and roles;
  • trains teachers to integrate cultural values and resource persons into classroom programs;
  • encourages teachers to organize learning activities for children at the community level; and
  • develops methods and tools for carrying out all of these activities.

GMP-supported activities with schools and communities have contributed to several types of positive results:

  • increased confidence of communities in school programs when they include local cultural values, traditions and experts (i.e.grandmothers & grandfathers);
  • closer ties between community members and teachers;
  • increased motivation on the part of children to attend school; and
  • increased confidence among children to participate and excel in classroom learning activities.

Download “The Grandmother Project’s Experience in Senegal: Family Literacy Materials to Promote Intergenerational Dialogue and Learning”, UNESCO