Current Activities

Current activities

In collaboration with local partner organizations, Grandmother Project is currently working on several activities in the following countries:

  • Senegal With support from the British Embassy in Senegal, Grandmother Project is implementing the “Engaging Grandmothers to Promote Girls’ Development and Success at School” project. It aims to increase opportunities for girls to develop and pursue their education by decreasing risks of teenage pregnancy and early/forced marriage through the active support of grandmothers, who are culturally-designated and respected advisors to both adult and adolescent family members.  The GMP approach involves catalyzing discussion and consensus building between all key community actors in order to bring about collective, or community-wide, support for actions to be taken in families and in the community at large to address these two issues.
  • Senegal The “Engaging Grandmothers to promote girls’ development and success at school in Senegal” started in April 2013 in the area of Velingara. Supported by the Nando Peretti Foundation, it will allow for community work in 13 communities, including informal education sessions for girls, women and grandmothers and community inter-generational forums to discuss early pregnancy and early/forced marriage that continue to hinder girls’ right to education and opportunties in life.
  • Senegal The “Teachers and Grandmothers Hand-in-Hand for Girls’ Development and Success at School” project, was implemented between February and March 2013 in the area of Velingara, supported by the British Embassy in Senegal. The project involves a series of activities with teachers, grandmothers, mothers and adolescent girls to contribute to creating a supportive environment for girls to pursue their education and avoid both early marriage and teen pregnancy. The project builds on previous positive results of the “Girls Holistic Development” project, carried out in the same area.
  • Senegal The “Culture, Education and Development” program is being implemented by GMP in collaboration with community leaders, grandmother leaders, teachers and District Education Office (IDEN) staff in rural communities in Velingara.
  • Senegal Development and testing of Grandmother Leadership Training Modules for “under-the-tree” training sessions to strengthen grandmother leaders’ skills to promote community-wide change related to early marriage, teen pregnancy, corporal punishment and other child protection issues.
  • Senegal Development of a set of Lesson Plans on Culturally-grounded Activities for Primary School Teachers.  These activities, particularly to increase reading skills, are being developed with the help of a graduate student-volunteer in international education from the Institute of Development Studies in the UK.
  • Senegal Collaboration with local municipality authorities in the department of Velingara, Senegal, to strengthen their capacity to involve local citizens in community development actions using GMP’s participatory problem-solving approach with leaders and groups.
  • Senegal Dissemination of GMP’s Change through Culture approach to field staff of Plan International and their community collaborators in the five regions where they are working.  GMP support to Plan includes; assistance with design of grandmother-inclusive nutrition/health programs; field visits and capacity building workshops with field staff and local facilitators; and ongoing development of tools for community capacity building.
  • Sierra Leone GMP is working with a team of community facilitators, university nutritionists and World Vision staff to design and implement a grandmother-inclusive nutrition education project in the area of Bum.  This appears to be the first grandmother-inclusive program in Sierra Leone.
  • Global Development of a guide on a Grandmother-inclusive approach to promoting Child Nutrition, Health and Development for those involved in  implementing community programs.  The guide is being produced in English with World Vision – Canada in the hopes that resources will be found to also publish it in French to make it more accessible to people in West Africa.