GMP News and Events

GMP News and Events

Community workshops strengthen social cohesion and resilience

GMP has developed a series of community workshops to strengthen solidarity between neighboring communities, to help them work together to promote the holistic development of girls, and children in general. Inspired by the break-down in solidarity in Senegalese communities and to increase community resiliency, GMP is developing a methodology to strengthen communities’ social infrastructure to enable them to analyze problems, identify solutions and take action.

GMP Director chosen as a Cordes Fellow at Opportunity Collaboration

In August 2013 the work of GMP was recognized when GMP Director, Aubel, was chosen as a social entrepreneur to attend the Opportunity Collaboration Retreat in Mexico. This was an opportunity for her to present GMP’s work with potential foundation and private sector sponsors.

Promoting positive cultural values in schools

African proverbs for today’s children. GMP has coordinated production of a reading text for schools in Senegal.  This is the fourth in a series of booklets produced by GMP to promote positive cultural knowledge and values among children.  The booklet, for use in primary schools, is being funded by World Vision.  

GMP presentation at regional nutrition and food security conference in Burkina Faso

GMP Director, Judi Aubel, presented the grandmother-inclusive approach at a regional workshop organized by TOPS workshop on nutrition and food security programs in the Sahel. Ouagadougou November 18-20, 2013. Judi presented GMP’s model for involving grandmothers in promoting maternal and child nutrition to participants from 15 countries. A participant from Niger said “I don’t think our programs to improve child nutrition can succeed if we don’t involve grandmothers.”

GM’s work on health promotion presented in Thailand

GMP Director was invited to the International Health Promotion and Education conference in Pattaya, Thailand, 26-29 August to present GMP’s work.  The primary presentation made at the conference was entitled: Promoting change in health-related cultural norms through a culturally-grounded and intergenerational approach. She received lots of positive feedback on her presentations especially from participants from the global South who are very familiar with the significant role played by grandmothers in family health in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Grandmother Coumbayel takes a stand against early & forced marriage of young girls 

“In the past we married girls off when they were 13 or 14 years old and we didn’t ask them if they agreed with our choice of husband. Since Grandmother Project started working in our area there have been many discussions between us, the grandmothers, and also with other community members. Read more…