Judi Aubel
Elders: a cultural resource for promoting sustainable development

January, 2010 – 2010 State of the World – The World Watch Institute – U.S.A

Judi Aubel
Dialogue to promote change from within: A grandmother-inclusive & intergenerational approach to promote girls’ health and well-being and to eliminate FGM – Preliminary project results and lessons learned

April, 2010

Judi Aubel
Grandmothers promote positive child health practices: A neglected cultural and communication resource

October, 2006  – Rom

Judi Aubel
Grandmothers promote maternal and child health: Strengthening the Role of Indigenous Knowledge Systems’ Managers

Februay, 2006 – Indigenous Knowledge Program, World Bank

Judi Aubel
The Role of Grandmothers in Maternal and Child Health: Multiple country study results

August, 2005 – – Istanbul

Judi Aubel
Grandmothers: The Learning Institution

August, 2005 – Creative Associates & USAID – Washington, D.C

Judi Aubel
Senegalese grandmothers promote improved maternal and child nutrition practices: The guardians of tradition are not averse to change

May, 2004

Aubel, Muratova, Bosorova, Djelilova, Allabergenova, Shaymanov and Kuchimov
The role of Grandmothers and other household actors in maternal and child health

July, 2003

J. Aubel, Toure, Diagne, Lazin, Sene, Faye and Tandia
Strengthening Grandmother Networks to Improve Community Nutrition: Experience from Senegal


Judi Aubel
Strengthening the role of grandmother networks in promoting child health

Fall, 2002 – In: Child Survival Connection, pages 9-16

Judi Aubel, Douangchan Sihalathavong
Participatory communication to strengthen the role of grandmothers in child health

2001 – In: Journal of International Communication Vol. 7, pp. 76-97

Judy Aubel
From qualitative community data collection to programme design: health education planning in Niger

November, 1990