GMP in the Media

GMP in the Media

World View – Fall 2014 – National Peace Corps Association
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Grandmother Project featured in the “Spotlight” of the Global Gender Current, a blog providing a gender perspective on contemporary challenges related to gender, security, and development including health, education, rights and security (HERS) especially of women and girls, but also men and boys.
Org Spotlight: The Grandmother Project
15 April 2013 – Global.Gender.Current, a project of the Global Gender Program (GGP) of the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University in Washington,D.C.
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“Ménage”, emission by web radio Radio Godot dedicated to families in changing environments, hosted Cristiana Scoppa, consultant with Grandmother Project, to talk about its work with families, girls and grandmothers in Africa
“Ménage”, conducted by Eugenia Romanelli – Radio Godot
8 April 2013 – Radio Godot
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Francesca Lulli, Grandmother Project consultant, interviewed at “Radio 3 Mondo” – International news programs of Italian national radio RAI 3
Pari diversità (Equal diversities)
8 March 2013 – Radio 3 Mondo – RAI Radio 3, conducted by Annamaria Giordano
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Falilou Cissé
École : Quel programme pour des citoyens sénégalais modèles: une réponse en gestation à Vélingara
7 March 2013 – Foundation Service
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Maria Caspani
Q+A – The key role grandmothers play in child and maternal health
1 February 2013 – TrustLaw – A Thomson Reuters
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Alberto Pecci
Le parole che vanno detto (The words that one should say)
9 January 2013 – Famiglia – Volontariato News
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Soumaila T. Diarra
Grandmothers Taking the Lead Against Female Genital Mutilation
20 December 2012 – IPS, Inter Press Service
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Jennifer Allsopp
Women’s rights and the rule of law: education and implementation
5 December 2012 – 50.50 inclusive democracy
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Paola Gianturco
Grandmother Power. A Global Phenomenon – Chapter Health-Senegal
October 2012 – powerHouse Books
The book features a chapter on GMP’s work with grandmothers in Senegal. See the presentation with photos, video and an interview with Judi Aubel here

US Department of State – Office of the Spokesperson Fact Sheet
The U.S. Government Working for the Abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
The fact sheet highlights GMP’s work in Senegal to promote the abandonment of female genital mutilation/cutting.
18 February 2012 – US Department of State
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Flore de Préneuf
A Grandmother’s Gift

July, 2010 – UCLA Magazine – Los Angeles, California, USA
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Nadwa Mossaad
Grandmother Project: a new approach to ending harmful traditional practices
February, 2010 – IGWG – Interagency Gender Working Group – IGWG web site

Flore de Préneuf
Convincing grandmothers key to ending genital mutilation of girls

January, 2010 – St.Petersburg Times – U.S.A.